Monday, December 20, 2010


Christmas time is here! We love watching Gianna take it all in. She has really enjoyed the decorating of the tree, the Christmas pajamas and meeting Santa. Unfortunately she was quite upset when we left our Santa visit because she did not get her baby doll. Poor thing! Our ability to communicate is coming along well but it is so difficult to explain all the recent holiday happenings to her. All she knew was that the big guy in red was supposed to have a baby doll for her and she left his lap with nothing but a candy cane. She kept saying "Santa baby doll Gia" over and over as she pointed to herself. She must have been thinking "What a sham!" But after further explanation...she is once again excited about his upcoming arrival. Although she is very clear she does not want him landing his sleigh and reindeer on our roof. When we talk about Santa she screams with excitement "Yea Santa". Then a moment later she looks concerned...points to the ceiling and shakes her head and says "No Santa". Christmas Eve and morning are going to be so much fun with our girl home. I will update soon about Gianna's first 3 months home...everything is going amazingly well...we are so blessed to be her family.


  1. Great pics, Kerri, esp. the last one! I love that little mischievous smile. Can't wait to hear how it all goes with her first Christmas!

    Auntie Nikki

  2. Oh my goodness Kerri!!! The pictures are absolutely PRICELESS!!! i love them!! Miss Gia looks like she has always been there. What a blessed Christmas this was for all. Thank you for sharing :)

    Hugs from Indy,